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Domaine Amiot-Servelle


In the 1920s, Clément Tachot began to cultivate some vines in Chambolle-Musigny. Cécile, his daughter, and Jean Servelle, his son-in-law, took over from him in the 1950s and created the Domaine Servelle-TACHOT.

In 1980, Christian Amiot, whose father, Pierre Amiot, was a vine-grower in the neighbouring village of Morey-Saint-Denis, came to work on the estate with his wife, Elisabeth Servelle.

In 1989, Christian and Elisabeth Amiot-Servelle took over the activity: the Domaine Amiot-Servelle came into being.

Christian and Elisabeth have three children: Prune, Violette and Antoine. Antoine is presently a student at the Dijon Business School. Violette chose music and is an artist-teacher of percussion at the regional academy of music.

As to Prune, she obtained her diploma in oenology (DNO) in 2004. Then, after a period of training experience and working for various vineyard-owners both in France and abroad, she came back to the family estate in May 2011.

The Amiot-Servelle family cultivates 7 hectares in Chambolle-Musigny. Since the 2010 vintage, the estate has acquired about one hectare of vines (around 2,5 acres) from Christian AMIOT's family:

  • In the neighbouring village of Morey-Saint-Denis: Morey-Saint-Denis Village and Clos Saint-Denis Grand Cru
  • In Gevrey-Chambertin: Charmes-Chambertin Grand Cru.

The domaine switched to organic farming in 2003. The wine making is pure and non invasive, resulting in fresh and transparent wines. The use of new oak is low, ranging from 20% for the village wines to 50% for the grand crus.

Vineyard Holdings

Appellation Level Climat/Cru Area (ha) Year/s of Planting
Clos St. Denis GC 0.17
Charmes Chambertin GC 0.19
Chambolle-Musigny PC Les Amoureuses 0.45 1944-1999
Chambolle-Musigny PC Les Charmes 1.27 1944-1993
Chambolle-Musigny PC Derrier La Grange 0.26 1939-1993
Chambolle-Musigny PC Les Fousselottes 0.17 1939
Chambolle-Musigny PC Les Plantes 0.39 1969
Chambolle-Musigny V 2.30 1939-2004