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Domaine Heresztyn - Mazzini


The crisis of the 1930s forced Poles to emigrate towards France, a host nation that was desperately in need for working hands.

Jan Heresztyn arrived in 1932 in the north of France to work in the mines, then in the fields... in Burgundy. He travel ended by setling in Gevrey-Chambertin, feeling better accepted there than in other villages of La Côte d’Or.

Through hard work and savings, he started by acquiring a few parcels of vines and ended up with 4 hectares in 1959.

This small domaine was significantly enlarged and consolidated over the years by his two sons, Stanislas and Bernard, to finally become the Domaine Heresztyn. Since the 1970s, they have managed it with their respective wives, Ewa and Chantal.

Two generations have passed since the beginning of the domain.

Florence Heresztyn (daughter of Stanislas) and her husband Simon Mazzini now leased 5.5 ha of vines from her father and aunt, and a new domaine, “Heresztyn – Mazzini” was established.

The domaine’s first vintage under the new name “Heresztyn-Mazzini” was in 2012.

Vineyard Holdings

Appellation Level Climat/Cru Area (ha) Year of Planting
Clos saint Denis GC 0.24 1980
Chambolle Musigny PC Les Borniques 0.53 1950
Gevrey Chambertin PC La Perriere 0.34 1982
Gevrey Chambertin PC Les Corbeaux 0.19 1935-1960
Gevrey Chambertin PC Les Goulots 0.37 1981
Gevrey Chambertin PC Les Champonnets 0.22 1972
Morey saint Denis PC Les Millandes 0.37 1958
Chambolle Musigny V 0.52 1961-1999
Gevrey Chambertin V Clos Village 0.22 1960
Gevrey Chambertin V Vielles Vignes 4.24 1926-1995
Total 7.24