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Roberto Voerzio


The winery was established in 1986 in La Morra, a town in the heart of the Langhe that has always been renowned for the greatness of its vineyards, some of which were mentioned in town records going back as far as 1250.

They began with 2 hectares, and over the years have managed to acquire the most prestigious, historic crus for the production of Barolo, such as La Serra, Brunate, Cerequio, Sarmassa, Rocche dell'Annunziata and Fossati, and excellent vineyards for Dolcetto, Barbera, Nebbiolo and Merlot.

Roberto’s cultivation methods are simple: fertilization is carried out by hand to address the individual health of each plant, establishing a perfect equilibrium in the vineyard and allowing for uniform maturation of all vines. High-density planting, a trademark of Voerzio’s vineyard management, translates into extremely low yields.

Roberto decided to increase the number of vines in the new vineyards, and in some of the old ones, to 6000/8000 per hectare and reduce yield for the most prestigious wines to 500/700 grams per plant. The clusters left on the vines are exclusively responsible for the quality of the wine.

The winery have always worked in the traditional way in the cellar, with total simplicity at every stage from vinification to bottling, with no interference, letting the diversity of each terroir emerge and giving each vineyard the chance to make its own wine.

The production is limited: with just over 20 hectares the winery produce between 40,000 to 60,000 bottles, depending on the harvest. Voerzio’s wines are always exclusively the expression of the terroir, and at every harvest their nuances perfectly reflect the story of the season's weather conditions.