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December 2013

Two dinners at our restaurant partner, Michel Bras

Laguiole, France

We recently had the pleasure to enjoy two unforgettable dinners at one of our favourite restaurants in the world and one of our restaurants partner - Michel Bras.

This fabulous 3 star Michelin restaurant, located in the modest village of Laguiole, is famous for both its unique gastronomic experience and its legendary wine cellar, masterfully managed by one of the world's top sommeliers - Sergio Calderon. Bras' Gargouillou of young vegetables is his most celebrated and well-known dish (see photo).

We were privileged to pair Bras's amazing cousine with some of the world's rarest and greatest wines ever made. The wines of Henry Jayer have special place in our hearts as Jean Marie Fourrier was his apprentice and Jayer was his mentor when he started his career as a wine maker. Fourrier's wine making follow Henry Jayer's philosophy and techniques. We are impatiently looking forward for the day that Fourrier's Echezeaux will be mature enough (as his first vintage of this magical wine was the 2011) so we can compare it to Jayer's legendary Echezeaux. We are lucky enough to have plenty of both in our reserve!

The wines we drank included:

We did not take any formal tasting notes of these amazing wines as we just wanted to fully treasure this "once in a lifetime" hedonistic experience. We want to thank Sergio for making these memorable evenings possible.

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