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Restaurant Pearl Ratings

We at Pearl of Burgundy, are happy to share our many years of personal experience with some of the worlds’ finest wine and dining establishments. Unlike other restaurants guides, our rating is based primarily on the wine experience. All rated restaurants share devoted wine culture, service and fine wine selection, managed by professional and highly knowledgeable sommeliers.

We rated highly only restaurants that find the right balance between the natural need of the restaurant to be a profitable business and respecting its customers with reasonably priced wine list. Bear in mind that in “Palaces” prices are “palace oriented” – but wine service are “palace oriented” accordingly.

We rate the restaurant we especially like with “Pearls”. The max rating is 5 Pearls: a restaurant that gives its customers a unique experience and deepest wine list of the finest wines of France. Few restaurants have a “Heart” in addition to its pearl rating. This heart means a special sweet spot, usually followed by unusual well-priced wine list. These restaurants made us “fall in love” with them! For serious wine lovers, the wine experience in restaurants rated with 5 Pearls is definitely worth a special journey.

POB is excited to announce the new collaboration with the worlds’ #1 independent professional restaurant critic – Mr. Andy Hayler. Mr. Hayler is the only person who has been to every 3 star Michelin restaurant in the world. His global reviews cover restaurants from more than 200 cities around the world, and are unique as they are 100% passion driven and non-commercial. You’ll find links to Andy Hayler's restaurant reviews on this page by simply pointing your mouse over the restaurant’s photo and just click on the "Andy Hayler" button to be directed to the restaurant’s review.